Four Free Public Readings in December

Elevada By Sheila Callaghan – Directed by Jennifer Chambers – 12/22/14 at 7:30pm

Ramona and Khalil are trying. Neither one is technically available but a unique first date leads to more, despite their own resistance.They’ll do anything to float above their own lives, even as fate tries to pull them both back down to earth. Elevada is a warm, witty, and wise romantic comedy about the fear of being alone—and the fear of not being alone. Elevada was a finalist for the 2014 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize.

Alana Dietze
Mark Skeens
Meredith Bishop
Jeremy Maxwell

This month so far:

American Falls By Miki Johnson – 12/01/14
Directed by Chris Fields

Gareth Williams
Rya Kihlstedt
Leandro Cano
Jesse Fair
Karl Kerlinger
Jen Chambers
Barbara Tarbuck
Sigute Miller

A day in the lives of six living people and two dead ones in American Falls, Idaho. With eloquence, humor, and bite, American Falls asks ancient, unanswerable questions: What is it to live? What does it mean to die?


Undivided Heart By Yusuf Toropov – 12/08/14
Directed by Chris Fields

Jeremy Maxwell
Tim Wright
Gregory Itzin
Eric Keitel
Allison Martin
Alana Dietze
Jud Williford
Deborah Puette
Ray Xifo
Jada Daniels

Yusuf Tarapov’s “An Undivided Heart” is a luminous examination of the light and power that love and forgiveness can shed on great darkness. At turns tragic, poignant, and funny, the play leaves us all the more human for having experienced it.


A Small Fire By Adam Bock – 12/15/14
Directed by Alana Dietze


Christine Estabrook
Joe Spano
Mackenzie Williford
Darrett Sanders

Adam Bock’s meticulously crafted A Small Fire follows John and Emily Bridges, a long-married couple whose happy, middle-class lives are upended when Emily falls victim to a mysterious disease. As her senses are slowly stripped away – smell, taste, sight – Emily resolves to remain engaged with her community, relying on John to help her run her company and experience her daughter Jenny’s wedding. But her stoic outlook reaches a breaking point when the disease steals her hearing, leaving her with nothing but touch to communicate with the world. Suddenly, she is completely dependant on the husband whose endless devotions she had always taken for granted.


A best bet for original plays

The Echo is one of LA Weekly’s Best Bets!

If you’re looking for a sure-fire retread of a recent New York-anointed stage hit or a comforting reboot of a canonical classic, do not drive out to Atwater Village and lay your money down at Echo Theater Company. Producing artistic director Chris Fields and managing artistic director Drew Dalzell didn’t become the city’s premier producers of dark and daring new work from emerging playwrights by playing short-odds favorites. Rather, they’ve perfected unerring early-warning artistic radar for identifying tomorrow’s Theresa Rebeck or Stephen Adly Guirgis or Suzan-Lori Parks or Will Eno before they get too agented up and unaffordable for 99-seat economies. Echo’s acumen for matching state-of-the-art writing with top-of-their-game actors has already resulted in acclaimed and ballsy world premiers by Matthew Benjamin & Logan Brown, Padraic Duffy, Gary Lennon, Mickey Birnbaum and Tommy Smith. This season they’re readying another new play from Smith (writer of this year’s acclaimed pedophilic-romance play Firemen as well as Houston-based comer Miki Johnson, and are promising more. -Bill Raden.
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Free Tickets For Every Show

The Echo announces “Four Free Tickets”. For absolutely every show, we will give away four free tickets. Every show whether we’re selling out or not. We ardently want our productions to be available to all play loving theater audiences regardless of economics. Just come to the theater. Sign in. There will be a drawing ten minutes before curtain.

New plays for all!